Information About the Doctoral Capstone

Doctoral Capstones will be made available to the OCOM community via the OCOM Scholarly Work Repository. his is a closed repository, and full-text is accessible only to OCOM students, staff, and faculty who have valid OCOM Gmail accounts.  OCOM Alumni may request access by emailing us at

The Dean of the DAOM program will provide an electronic copy of the completed capstone project to library staff for submission into the repository.

Students may apply for a one-year embargo in order to limit the availability of their work, or request open access status to broaden the availability.

Open Access

Capstones are entered into the closed repository by default; students who wish to provide increased access to their work may request that their capstone be designated as open access (OA), and thus available to the general public.  Learn more about Open Access:

Applying for an Embargo

Students may apply for a one-year embargo to limit the availability of their capstone project. The capstones are already limited to current students, staff and faculty, and alumni, so in order to be awarded an embargo, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. You are submitting your capstone for professional publication, and the publisher requires an embargo for closed repositories;
  2. Your capstone includes information that you plan on patenting;
  3. Your capstone includes sensitive information that should not be viewed by others.

Embargos may be requested by submitting the Capstone Availability Form below.  Learn more about Embargoes: