Faculty Handbook



Faculty Handbook


This OCOM Faculty Handbook will be an important reference as you begin your work at the college. We suggest that you read it in its entirety, to familiarize yourself with the college and its policies and procedures.

This Handbook serves many purposes, including providing useful information about OCOM and its people, defining the scope of faculty work at the college, and describing the rights and responsibilities of teachers and supervisors at OCOM. It also provides a useful compilation of (and links to) numerous policies and procedures that pertain to faculty work at the college. The Handbook supplements other relevant information that you may encounter in the college’s academic catalog, employee materials, clinic handbooks, and other college publications. Some material from these other publications has been incorporated into this Handbook for ease of reference. Other material is available via the Internet; web references to these items are indicated in the handbook.


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Faculty Handbook 2020-2021