OCOM Digital Collections


Journal Article Index

The OCOM Journal Article Index (JAI) is a bibliographic database that includes citations from AOM journals that are not currently indexed in PubMed. All journals indexed in this database can be found in the OCOM library or requested in ILL.

OCOM Scholarly Repository

Repository of scholarly works created by OCOM students, staff and alumni.

Policies & Handbooks Repository

OCOM handbooks and policy guides. Updated annually.

Streaming Video Collection

This is a collection of OCOM-produced videos that are available for streaming. This includes course videos, OCOM events, and guest speakers. Many of the videos in this collection require a password; contact library staff for more information.

Wai Tak Cheung Collection

This site documents the Wai Tak Cheung Collection, a Chinese-language collection of Chinese medical books, and provides a brief description of the distinguished career of the donor, Wai Tak Cheung, LAc.

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